Our hero, Grant

Our Leading Man!

BEST OF BREED his first time in the Specials Ring at 23 months!!

Puppy Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Group

We had no intention of keeping this puppy from the Van/Bryn litter.  It is funny how fate intervenes.  It wasn’t for lack of interest in this guy as a show potential puppy as I had several inquiries for him.  Then just before he finished, I was made a nice offer for him.  Quite tempting, really, but of course, the answer was NO.  Grant-man found his way into our hearts and is part of our family, he’s not going anywhere.  The first one to be allowed on the bed?  Seriously, even I don’t believe it.

As, with the other pups in this particular line, this boy has been slow to mature.  But that’s all the better in my estimation.  Not overdone, not course, not clunky, not oversized like so many currently showing.  A sensitive, high strung boy, who wants to please. TEMPERAMENT breeders dream of.   ABSOLUTELY beautiful smooth body like flowing water.  Gorgeous head, short back, nice tail set, good angles, lovely arch of neck, nice top line that never waivers when moving, great movement, beautiful feet, stag red coat.  Have I mentioned EXPRESSION?  His eyes see clear to the bottom of my soul.  ARVC Clear by parentage. At his last show from the classes, the Judge pulled him out for breed with a Top Special.  His show career though spanning several months was limited.  Shown only occasionally to his Championship at 20 months. I am very proud of his wins from Boxer Breeder Judges at the Specialties he attended.

  Grant was shown on a very limited basis in the breed ring.  He consistently placed in the breed ring, even winning over Top Specials.  Grant has continued to impress us as he matured.  He obtained his Grand Championship title by going Select Dog at a large Show with 50 boxers entered.  The next day he took Best of Opposite Sex.  Proud of this boy.

Grant’s Show career


Grand Champion in April 2018

April 2018 Silver State KC, Best of Reason

Select Dog, Silver State Dog Association, April 2018

January 2018 Arizona Specialty’s Boxer Club Select Dog

July 2017 National Dog Show Winner hosted by Centiment Holdem

Select Dog, Montana, Major, June 2017

Select Dog, Montana, Major, June 2017

Best of Breed, Lost Dutchman, February 2017 (11 Special)

Best of Breed, Flagstaff KC, 6/16 (8 specials)

Winner Dog, Chief Winner Conjo, Alvin Judge Krause, 4/16

WINNER’s dog, Best of Winner, superstition, Brian Myers, judge, 3/16

Winners Dog, San Diego County Boxer Club, Jersey, 2/16

WD, Chief Winner Del Mar (Major), Judge Carl Gomes, 2/16

RWD, (Major) Working Dog Specialty, Arizona, 2/16

The winner’s dog, Kachina KC, 1/16

WD Best of Winners (Major) Boxer Club, Colorado

WD, Best of Winner, Prescott, Larry Sinclair 9/15 Judges

WD, Best of Winner, Prescott, Janet Sinclair 9/15 Judges